How to effectively use Instagram and YouTube

Instagram and YouTube are not strangers to internet users especially for those that are familiar with the world of social media. Besides the Facebooks of this world, YouTube and Instagram rank as some of the most popular and widely used social media networking sites.

While these two platforms might not be strange, how to effectively use them to get the desired results remains unknown to many, even with the so-called experienced users. It is worth noting that if these platforms are not used effectively, the aims of being on either YouTube or Instagram cannot be said to have been achieved.

Effectively using YouTube

In order to effectively use YouTube to achieve any aim of being on the platform, it is imperative that the fundamentals used in ranking high on YouTube should be employed efficiently. These fundamentals could be said to be the resources used by YouTube users and the guys behind the scene to define the popularity of an account.

YouTube views is one of such fundamentals. The more the views a video on YouTube is able to get, the more the popularity of the video and the more the benefits that can be derived from the video being on YouTube. Such is the case of the famous Gangnam style video that went viral shortly after it was posted on YouTube and this was the beginning of the success story of the maker of the video. It is therefore not a surprise that users of YouTube would go to any mile to increase the views on their videos. While the prudent users of YouTube would go in search of free YouTube views, others would prefer to pay for views as opposed to going for the free YouTube views.

The effective use of Instagram

Instagram can be rightly said to be the photography version of YouTube. Unlike YouTube, Instagram is specially designed for the sharing of photos for different users on the platform to like and comment. While it might sound easy to have your photos likes, it makes more than just posting great images and creative photos to be popular on Instagram as the likes and comments would not come unless you have followers. This explains the quest and search for free Instagram followers especially for persons looking to save some money.

It is therefore important that in a bid to be as popular as you want on Instagram, it is important to look for way of getting free Instagram followers if you do not want to pay for the service.

Whether it is free Instagram followers or free YouTube views that you want, it is worth noting and knowing that it does not come easy and this justifies the action of those that pay providers of these fundamentals to help them in getting views to their videos and followers to their accounts.